The TomoFix system is used to perform displacement osteotomies. This means a surgical intervention on the skeleton in order to correct pathological changes of the articular axis. The malalignment of leg axis leads to an uneven load on the two portions of the knee joint, the posterior and the anterior portions. In cases of bowlegs, the anterior joint space has to carry a significantly higher load than the posterior. Therefore, the outer joint space wears away much more quickly. In case of knock-knees, the posterior joint space carries significantly more load. As long as the cartilage is not seriously damaged, osteoarthritis can be corrected by realignment of the axes of the leg. If osteoarthritis has progressed too far, the implantation of a total knee prosthesis must be considered.

The TomoFix system that is used to correct bowlegs or knock-knees was developed by Alex E. Staubli and his team at the Cantonal Hospital in Luzern, Switzerland. In recognition of this achievement, his clinic was awarded the Innovation Prize by the Chamber of Commerce of Central Switzerland, in 2002.