A neutral second opinion provides additional safety

Patients suffering from complaints of the knees, hips or shoulders expect a solution provided by a specialist guaranteeing them better mobility and a higher level of activity within a short period of time, but they also want to be free of pain and satisfied with the esthetic outcome. Implantation of an artificial joint, however, should be postponed for as long as possible.
Patients whishing to obtain a second opinion from Alex E. Staubli, MD and member of the FMH (Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum) for Orthopedic Surgery

  • should contact his assistant to arrange for a consultation on Mondays or Wednesdays.
    Phone: +41 (0) 41 375 34 93.
  • bring along the referral from their family physician or orthopedic specialist as well as all x-rays taken within the last six months. Patients whose x-rays are older than six months should arrange to have new x-rays taken at the Institute for Radiology at the Cantonal Hospital in Luzern, Switzerland, prior to their consultation with Alex E. Staubli, MD.
  • will then know for certain whether additional examinations will be required or which further therapeutic steps would make sense.

Depending on the respective situation, the appropriate solution may be specific, non-surgical measures or else surgery.

In case surgery turns out to be necessary and expedient

  • Alex E. Staubli, MD, will recommend a renowned orthopedic surgeon, who is very experienced in such particular cases.
  • The operability of the patient will be checked and then the date and hospital for the intervention will be determined in accordance with the patient.
  • Alex E. Staubli will operate the patient together with the clinic’s resident orthopedic surgeon.
  • After the operation, the optimal care of the patient will be discussed and organized: at home, in a health resort or in a rehabilitation clinic.