Success based on correct surgical indication

Confidence in the competence of the physician has become the most important factor for success.

The “responsible patient” wants to be sure that the proposed therapeutic steps will be successful.

More often than not, the patient asks for a second opinion.
In orthopedic surgery, the indication is fundamental in setting the course of treatment.

These evaluations are challenging and require lots of experience. For the attending physician, the focus is on the minimization of risks, the achievement of a high level of precision, the avoidance of intraoperative complications as well as of assuring the quickest possible rehabilitation of the patient.
I will gladly provide a second opinion in order to assist rheumatologists or orthopedists.

If requested, I will also assist orthopedic surgeons during interventions relating to my field of expertise, the preservation of the knee joint / knee joint replacement, and especially “juxta-articular, high-tibial osteotomies” (case load: > 500 operations)

The scope of possible cooperations is documented here: Solutions / Services