High patient benefit by interlinking of know-how

By interlinking specific knowledge and experience, patients can be certain that they will receive the best treatment possible.

A cooperation with Alex E. Staubli, MD, is possible in the areas listed below.

Indication and treatment

Options to obtain a second opinion and discuss additional measures are as follows:

Alex E. Staubli will

  • assess the case of the referred patient.
  • evaluate the patient in the practice of his medical colleague within Switzerland.
  • become involved in the further treatment and care of the patient.


Alex E. Staubli will

  • assist orthopedic surgeons during the operation or—by request of his colleague—lead the operation.
  • impart his specialist knowledge in the course of operations (at his own hospital or at a hospital selected by him) in the area of joint preserving corrections and complex primary or secondary interventions of the musculoskeletal system.
  • coordinate the postoperative care of the patient with his co-surgeon.
  • initiate—after consultation with Synthes/AO (global scientific consortium of surgeons working on matters of osteosynthesis) and Johnson&Johnson—courses in the areas “juxta-articular, high-tibial osteotomies” and “high flex knee”.

Coordinating a cooperation

Due to Alex E. Staubli’s international activities as lecturer and instructor of advanced training courses, it is advisable to contact him at an early date in order to arrange for appointments for diagnoses and/or operations.